As in Germany, there are only very few initiatives in Europe and also outside Europe that carry out a mapping of the respective national film festival landscapes.
The following analyses are of particular note

Dr. Harry van Vliet (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherland),
who investigated the Dutch festival market and especially the film festival market and published the results with
Festival Atlas 2017.

Film Festivals. An overview and analysis of the film festival landscape in The Netherlands in 2017

Prof. Christel Taillibert (University Nice Sophia Antipolis, France), who has identified around 700 film festivals in her study of the French film festival market.
TRIBULATIONS FESTIVALIÈRES. Les festivals de cinéma et audiovisuel en France

Film festivals have a special status in the French artistic landscape. The very notion of „film festival“ refers to heterogeneous and contradictory realities. This book is based on the results of a vast national survey and proposes a typology of these events and the relationships that unite them to their political, cultural and economic environment.

Dr. Aida Vallejo Vallejo (University of the Basque Country, Spain), whose research focus is on documentary film

In addition, interesting studies on the national film festival landscapes can be found in

Forum Österreichischer Filmfestivals
FILMFESTIVALREPORT ÖSTERREICH. First study on the situation of Austrian film festivals

Conférence des festivals.
Market Analysis Sponsoring 2011 – The Swiss Film Festival Audience
Film festivals continue to gain importance in the sponsorship market. From the perspective of sponsoring companies, film festivals are becoming increasingly attractive. But what do the visitors look like and what does this mean for sponsoring?
Presentation: und

Bundesamt für Statistik:
Film festivals enrich the diversity of offerings 2014 (Pilotstudie BfS)

This is the result of a study commissioned by the Swiss Film Festivals* and carried out by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office on the range of films on offer at film festivals in Switzerland. In addition to a systematic overview of film diversity, the study analyses various evaluation channels such as film festivals, cinema, TV, DVD and VoD.