Cut Out of the Picture: A study of gender inequality among UK directors

A study of gender inequality among directors within the UK film industry

Directors UK today urges the film industry to take decisive action to tackle the issue of gender inequality among film directors in the UK, calling for 50% of publicly funded films in the UK to be directed by women by 2020.

This call comes off the back of a new report commissioned by Directors UK, which shows that the figures for women film directors have not improved in ten years, with women making up just 13.6% of working film directors. The report explores the factors that have led to these figures, such as career progression, budgets, genres, critics, audiences and public funding, and discovered how the industry culture leads to vastly different outcomes for men and women directing film.

Films command a great deal of influence on everyday society and the role of directors as storytellers is fundamental to this. This is why it is incredibly important that film directors reflect the audience they serve. By diversifying the pool of directors we open film up to a greater range of perspectives and stories.

Gender inequality in the film industry has long been acknowledged as a serious problem, but despite high profile discussions and debates progress has yet to be made on the disparity between the number of men and women working as film directors. Directors UK wanted to get behind the numbers and identify the root causes as to why women directors are consistently disadvantaged when trying to become a director and in progressing their careers. This study provides us with new insight and understanding as to what is causing this inequality and has helped us formulate a number of recommendations that would, if implemented, bring about industry-wide change.



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