The growing importance of film festivals in various contexts has led in recent years to the fact that, in addition to our publications in scientific and trade journals, we have increasingly been invited by film festivals and associated events to present research results within the framework of impulse lectures, as moderators, or as members of discussion panels.

Filmstadt München e.V., Symposium: More Film Culture For All, (5. Nov.2022)

When the Filmstadt München e.V. association was founded almost 40 years ago, one of its goals was to promote the generally neglected areas of non-commercial, neighborhood, social and cultural-political work with film. Since then, urban society has changed a lot, the economic pressure has become more noticeable, free spaces are tighter, space in general has become scarcer. This symposium aims to discuss questions around the topics of places for cinema and culture in Munich, film culture as an integrative practice in the city and the future of film festivals and film culture in Munich. Book presentation at a dialogue with Sanne Kurz.
Participant at the panel: The future of film festivals and film culture in Munich – Ideas and perspectives

On the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair
Film festivals in times of Amazon & Co – the last bastion of film culture?, 22.10.2022
From LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt to DOK.fest Munich, from Kinder Medien Festival Goldener Spatz in Gera to exground filmfest in Wiesbaden, from Queer Film Fest in Hamburg to Trickfilm-Fest in Stuttgart – film festivals have become indispensable pillars of film culture. They present film highlights away from the cinema program, discover talents, offer schools of viewing and enable the audience to exchange ideas with the film makers. The two editors Tanja C. Krainhöfer (film festival researcher and strategy consultant) and Joachim Kurz (film critic) discuss with Anna Schoeppe (managing director of HessenFilm und Medien) and the two festival directors Gregor Maria Schubert (LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International) and Daniel Sponsel (DOK.fest Munich) how they succeed in opening up new approaches to film and a diverse film culture in times of disruptive media change.
Host of the panel for the publication of the book Filmfestivals: Krisen, Chancen, Perspektiven

Pre 67th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
Talk with Festival Director Dr Lars Henrik Gass and film festival researcher Tanja C. Krainhöfer about her research and the economic aspects and potential of film festivals. They look at how film festivals can remain successful and maintain their cultural potential. (German only) (April 2020)

70th International FilmFestival Berlin/ EFM, (Feb 2020)
Participant in the presentation Support to European Networks of Festivals by Soon-Mi Peten (Head of Sector Promotion, Training & Festivals at Creative Europe/ MEDIA) and Irina Sofletea (Policy Officer at European Commission)

36th Kassel Documentary and Video Festival, (Nov. 2019)
Jury member for the competition GOLDENER SCHLÜSSEL/ GOLDEN KEY, category for best young documentary work with Claudia Dillmann, Agnes Lisa Wegner, Yuki Aditya and Henner Koch

69th International FilmFestival Berlin/ EFM, Presentation of the report Mapping of Collaboration Models among Film Festivals introducing the discussion of examples of various collaborations among European film festivals (Feb. 2019)
Hosts: Lucia Recalde Langarica (Head of Unit Audiovisual Industry and Media Support Programmes) and Irina Sofletea (Policy Officer at European Commission)

64th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Panel: Collaboration among film festival – the key to success? (Mai 2018)
mit/ with Maike Mia Höhne (Kuratorin Berlinale Shorts), Philippe Clivaz (Generalsekretär Festival Visions du Réel, Nyon) und Søren Steen Poulsen (Geschäftsführer Nordisk Panorama Film Festival).
Host: Tanja C. Krainhöfer (

1st Kongress Zukunft Deutscher Film / Congress Future German Film Frankfurt, Panel: Mr. Filmfestival and the current Festival Landscape (April 2018)
mit/ with Christian Jungen (Neue Züricher Zeitung), Tanja Krainhöfer (
Host: Rüdiger Suchsland

25th Film Fest Hamburg, Panel: Wozu Filmfestivals – zwischen Event, Routine und Utopie – Eine Standortbestimmung? / Fot what film festivals – between event, routine and utopia – An assessment of the current situation (Okt. 2017)
Keynote at the panel discussion: Tanja Krainhöfer,
Panel: Oliver Baugarten (Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis), Torsten Frehse (Neue Visionen Filmverleih GmbH), Frédéric Jaeger (, Dr. Skadi Loist (der Universität Rostock).
Host: Rüdiger Suchsland (Filmkritiker, Filmemacher und Cultural Activist).
Click here for a recording of the event (discussion language German)

6th Film- und Kinokongress NRW, (Nov. 2016)
Roundtable: Was braucht das Kino, um zukunftsfähig und erfolgreich zu sein?/ What does cinema need to be sustainable and successful?
mit/ with Bettina Brokemper, Heimatfilm. Mustafa El Mesaoudi, Lichtblick Cinema und Rex. Tanja C. Krainhöfer, tck office. Dan Maag, Pantaflix, Pantaleon

Dok Leipzig, Initiative „Festivalarbeit“, Podiumsdiskussion: Festivalarbeit gerecht gestalten“/ Panel discussion „Designing festival work fairly“ (Nov. 2016)
mit/ with Lisa Basten, Autorin und Soziologin, Filmuniversität Babelsberg, Berlin
Tanja C. Krainhöfer, Strategieberaterin/Medienökonomin, München
Skadi Loist, Institut für Medienforschung, Universität Rostock, Rostock/Hamburg

DOK Fest München, Pro Quote Regie,  Podiumsdiskussion: Warum nur ein Drittel der Mittel, wenn Frauen der halbe Himmel gehört? (May 2016)
Zur Lage der Dokumentarfilmregisseurinnen in Deutschland
Host: Moderation: Elisabeth Mayer, Pro Quote DOK