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This website predominantly reflects current research results pertaining to the German film festival landscape. Growing international interest has prompted us to also offer the contents successively in English. We appreciate your understanding, should you encounter any content that is still only in German.
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We use the chance we don’t have – new forms of expression of film festivals in the crisis

As each day further film festivals announce their 2020 edition as online formats, more and more alternative, innovative programme forms are being found that reflect the process of the crisis. The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, for example, is placing a blog as an experiment for creating a forum in which many people can have their say and encourage reflection on society.
The talks in German and English can be found here

Fast forward to the film festival of the future

While some autumn film festivals seemingly completely unaffected by the crisis are announcing their early-bird offers, among the film festivals with dates in spring and summer there is perplexity, pragmatism in the sense of cancelling the 2020 edition, activism with partial offers to meet the expectations of the financiers up to a courageous, visionary attitude to use the need of the hour for a test run of film festival concepts of the future. The CPH:DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival has already distinguished itself as a pioneer, and others have already announced their online edition.
A list of German Films gives an overview of the current festival season, some of which extends into the summer.

Indiefilmtalk-Podcast in German: Cooperation and exchange – Film festivals in the current crisis

Film festivals are the most important life events of the film scene. Industry internal meetings, contact exchange – films celebrate premieres and are awarded prizes for the further festival tour. What happens now with these events? Can a festival be postponed so easily? How are the festival workers* behind the festival doing? What measures have to be taken at the time of the curfew and what opportunities do they offer for future festivals?
To the Padcast in German language with festival organizer and curator Ludwig Sporrer from the AG-Filmfestival and festival director Dr. Oliver Langewitz from the „Independent Dayshere (TC: 00:19:00)
Suggestions for cooperation at different levels to find in the english report on the study Mapping of Collaboration Models among Film Festivals

DOK.fest Munich transforms to DOK.fest München@home 2020

As more and more distributors are shifting theatrical releases to VOD, film festivals are also looking for innovative ways to make their film programmes accessible online. One of the most far-reaching transformations is currently being planned by DOK Fest München with its concept DOK.fest München@home 2020

„Due to the current corona crisis and all official requirements, the 35th edition of DOK.fest München (May 6th to 17th) will not be able to take place in the usual form. Unfortunately, a postponement of the festival is also not possible. However, we are pleased to announce a very special event this year: DOK.fest München@home 2020, the first online DOK.fest München. For the first time we are coming to your home with our festival programme – films, Q&As and industry talks – throughout Germany.“
Further information here

Launch of virtual movie theaters as aid measures by US distributors for independent cinemas

As Art House Convergence announced today several distributors have rallied to support their independent cinema partners and launch virtual movie theaters. During difficult times it has been amazing to witness the strength and generosity of our field.
In partnership with Art House Convergence, Film Movement has debuted Film Movement Plus – Virtual Cinema, a virtual theatrical experience that will allow customers to purchase tickets to Corpus Christi, Zombi Child, The Wild Goose Lake, L’Innocente or Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands. As with traditional theatrical screenings, grosses will be divided between distributor and exhibitor.
Kino Lorber has launched Kino Marquee, a virtual theatrical exhibition initiative. Theaters can sell tickets to the Cannes-winning title Bacurau and their patrons will be able to watch the film from home through Kino’s specially designed platform. For a list of participating theaters and booking information, read more here.
In partnership with Nitehawk Cinema, Film Bot is also working to develop Movie Night, live virtual special events featuring screenings and filmmaker Q&As. Audience members will be able to dedicate their ticket purchase to their local art house.
Further information here.

German film festivals react to Corona crisis

Declaration of the AG Filmfestival
There is hardly a festival in Europe that has not yet been affected by the Corona crisis. Some festivals have had to cancel their events at short notice, nobody can even begin to foresee the financial consequences. But those who work on a freelance basis or as service providers and are already the least secure are particularly affected.
You can find the further explanation of the AG Filmfestival in German here
Contact: Ludwig Sporrer, sporrer (at)

Preparedness resources of the Arthouse Convergence in response to COVID-19

As of March 15, 2020 many art house cinemas have made the difficult decision to temporarily close to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, a novel coronavirus that causes respiratory illness. Art houses have taken this step in compliance with public health guidelines and in solidarity with their communities.  In order to help navigate this rapidly evolving situation, Art House Convergence is updating its webpage daily. To facilitate resource reagrding
Advocate for Arts Funding and Support, Online Platforms and Solutions, Bringing Programming Online, Member Benefits, Revenue, Communications, Reduce Expenses, Operations, Administration, Human Resources & Staffing, Prevent the Spread of Misinformation & Racist Rhetoric, Individuals, Mitigation While Open
an open database was created for art houses and festivals that we will be reviewing regularly.
more information here

Survey on working conditions at film festivals in Germany/ Umfrage zu Arbeitsbedingungen bei Filmfestivals in Deutschland

Film festivals have become an indispensable part of the culture and film industry, creating many new professions and highly qualified employment groups.
Nevertheless, film festivals are often associated with low pay, exploitation and self-exploitation. The AG Festivalarbeit in ver.di would like to collect data by means of a survey of employees at German film festivals as explore the connections and, not least, honour good examples with a Fair Festival Award.
Click here for the survey in German/ Hier geht es zur Umfrage in Deutsch