Qualitative Study of Different Forms of Collaborations among European Film Festivals
by Tanja C. Krainhöfer
on behalf of the European Commission
published on February 9, 2019

As island events, film festivals – even those players such as the IFFR, the IDFA and the Sarajevo Film Festival, which, over time have turned into year-long activities – have to master a multitude of challenges inherent in their structure. Collaborations, formal or informal, offer key options for tackling these difficulties. The EU encourages film festivals to collaborate and network, in order to achieve greater synergies that could maximize the impact of European support.
This study provides an overview of the diversity and multitude of collaboration models among European film festivals. By means of a differentiated analysis, it presents empirical findings on the strengths and weaknesses of these models and those that have proven themselves on a broad basis over the long term. These results are supplemented by recommendations for action for the European Commission in addressing the most urgent problems currently hindering film festivals from promoting the further exploitation of valuable potential for European filmmaking.

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