Initiated in France after the Film Festival Cannes, Annecy, Locarno and Sarajavo, the 75th Venice International Film Festival has now decided to join the Charter 5050×2020 for Equality and Diversity at least in a modified form.

From next year onwards, statistics on submitted films and the composition of the selection committees could also be published in Venice. In view of the fact that, as in 2017, only one female director is represented in the competition, this reticence is all the more regrettable.

Charter 5050×2020 includes the following obligations:
– The collection of statistics on gender relations, with special reference to the number of films submitted, in order to support SWAN with reliable data.
– Transparency through the disclosure of the nominated members of the selection committees and festival curators with the aim of dispelling the suspicion of a lack of diversity and gender equality. At the same time, the festivals will be able to comply with their artistic and strategic decisions.
– The Festival is committed to implementing a plan for equality in its decision-making bodies as quickly and steadily as possible.
– This will enable SWAN to prepare an annual report which will allow an assessment of the progress made.