DI, 25th Sept. 6:00 p.m. Foyer of the German Film Museum.

Cinema for young audiences between film art, digital self-awareness and an eye for the „other“, or: why media education needs stories. Representatives of the film and festival industry will discuss current positions on film festivals as places of cultural and aesthetic education.

Nicola Jones (Deutsches Kinder Medien Festival Goldener Spatz),
Thomas Schneider-Trumpp (Scopas Medien | Trickfilmland),
Reinhold T. Schöffel (Bundesverband Jugend und Film),
Marie Wolters (film agency LUCAS and FILMmobil).
Chair: Dr. Sabrina Wagner.

Following the discussion, FilmInFrankfurt and the Wirtschaftsförderung Frankfurt, together with the regulars‘ table of filmmakers, cordially invite you to a get-together with representatives of the regional film industry and international festival guests.