It certainly came as no surprise to anyone that the paid-VoD market continued to post growth rates in 2021. An increase of 25 percent, as evidenced by a study conducted by Goldmedia on behalf of the FFA, should have once again demonstrated the extent and seriousness of the disruptive shifts. But it’s hardly surprising when you consider that only the versatile digital offerings of film festivals provided an alternative to Netflix and the like in these months, while German cinemas were closed without alternative during multiple lockdowns. The delayed introduction of the digital cinema window from Cinemalovers for program cinemas to YORCK ON DEMAND of the York cinema group proves to be highly regrettable not only for the friends of arthouse cinema, but for an entire industry. With a total turnover of the cinema industry of around 1 billion euros (2019) compared to 3 billion euros of the pay-VOD market (2020) in Germany, the question is which future concepts can still make a difference here.