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Gendersalon Munich: Gender Controversy, 25th April 2018

Auch in seiner 9. Auflage widmet sich der Gender Salon weiter den Schnittstellen von Kunst, (Pop)Kultur, Politik und Wissenschaft rund um das Thema Gender. Steigen Sie ein, kommen Sie vom Kurs ab, nehmen Sie Umwege! 28. März 2018 Welche Filme bekommen wir auf Filmfestivals zu sehen, und wessen Werke finden dort ein Publikum? Zur Diversität in der Filmbranche forschen Tanja Krainhöfer und Thomas Wiedemann. Sie stellen uns ihre Studien vor

Festival Work – an “Active Talk Event” at the Berlinale 2018 (recorded)

In recent years, a modest number of film festivals have been founded and established worldwide. Be it in the city or the country, in Germany alone there are over 400 professionally-organized film festivals. While this development is on-going, employment issues have so far mainly been discussed behind closed doors. Yet, film festivals are part of the cultural and creative economy and thus just as much employer and contractor as film

What’s the use of film festivals? A Panel discussion at the Film Festival Hamburg (recorded)

What’s the use of film festivals? Between event, routine and utopia – a local determination* a panel discussion at the Film Festival Hamburg 6th Octobre 2017 Click here for a recording of the event (discussion language German) Film festivals concern us all… Filmmakers screen their works, experience direct feedback. Others do business. Film critics report. Financiers and editors seek the aesthetics and themes of tomorrow. But we are all viewers,

Diversity Studies

 4. Diversity Report of the German Federal Association of Directors (Nov. 2017) What about diversity in Germany’s AV (audio-visual) sector? A study on Gender Representation in Film and TV by the University of Rostock. Further information, to date only in German you find here. (July 2017) Women Face Long Odds at U.S. Film Festivals Stephanie Goodman, The New York Times (Mai 2017) Geschichten und Filme kennen [keine] Grenzen Untersuchung der